Digital Advertising

Here, There, and Everywhere

Amongst the 5 geographic regions of the world, Asia has the highest population of internet users. More than 80% of Taiwan’s population use the internet, with that figure nearing 100% for individuals between 18-30 years old. The popularity of the internet means that digital ads are ubiquitous and covers all consumers.

Digital Advertising Platforms


The world's largest social media platform provides wide coverage for diverse TAs with over 2 billion monthly active users in combination with Instagram (approximately 800 million users), an image-based service; the platform supports multimedia materials, diverse ad formats, and allows precise targeting with customizations for region, interests, and other requirements.

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As one of the fastest growing social media platforms with more than 800 million global users, Instagram is a must-have tool for managing brands. The service primarily uses image-based posts including IG Stories to offer real-time and diverse interactive functionality that satisfies curious, younger Target Audience who lack patience. The service is optimal for presenting brand spirit and developing loyal fans.

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The world's #1 search engine includes an ad display network with global coverage, reaching more than 95% of internet users. Platforms and technologies such as AdWords and DoubleClick utilize keyword searches with more than 3 million Google Display Networks to lock onto target audiences and bring advertisers more autonomous business opportunities.

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The world's largest video-sharing platform has surpassed 1 billion users and accumulates 720 million views each month in Taiwan alone. Videos have more appeal compared to traditional print ads and being cross-platform and cross-screen allows it to surpass the time and space restrictions of traditional televisions, driving traffic and attention to ads through sharing and forwarding.

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French advertising platform Criteo focuses on the field of "e-commerce" by performing AI big data analytics of over 1.9 billion user devices across the world for "pinpoint targeted" ad displays. Dynamic personalized ads are utilized based on a comprehensive real-time 360º awareness of user behavior to expose ads to user groups that are most likely to become customers.

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Cross-border Media


As the most open real-time platform with 320 million monthly active users, nearly 80% of their user base is from outside of the U.S. and 80% of those users are on mobile. Messages spread fast and with immediacy with non-registered users also able to view tweets; integration with the Twitter Audience Platform (TAP) display network's traffic of 1 billion quickly increases advertising reach beyond the limitations of region or accounts.

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Sina Weibo Fan Connect

China's largest social media platform is an indispensable new media for entering the Chinese market. The service boasts 260 million monthly active users and allows precise Target Audience targeting with multiple conditions and properties to greatly increase conversion rate; by starting discussion and gaining follows from the target audience, we can create autonomous promotion to expand the audience reach by several times and accumulate more marketing power for the advertiser.

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Tencent Guangdiantong

Tencent's social ad network is an effective ad platform that includes Qzone, Mobile QQ, WeChat, and Tencent News, reaching as many as 800 million highly active users. Through the foundation of a massive user base and big data analytics, the platform enables advertisers to discover leads and display precisely targeted cross-screen and cross-platform ads.

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Ad Display Network

Wavenet Technology owns an ad display network that is not limited to any region and comprehensively covers user behavior across platforms and websites. Lock onto your Target Audience across screens and platforms by providing text, image, video, and interactive multimedia ad formats to keep advertising fresh and cover every Target Audience group.

Success Formula for Digital Advertising

Digital Ads


Define your marketing core and lock onto your target audience

Explore your brand's core and product values, define your target audience and their characteristics


Work in combination with the required platforms

Use the concept of segmented traffic to display ads to corresponding platforms


Wavenet Technology Exclusive Technology

Optimize ads and display them again using Wavenet Technology exclusive PUNWAVE technology for analysis and feedback



Display your ads again to Target Audience with high potential and use PUNWAVE's system to continuously optimize ads


Achieve your goals with massive sales

Attain significant ad performance to achieve your marketing goals