Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud applications are provided based on different channels. Brands can select the Marketing Cloud modules that suit them, including e-mail, mobile, websites, social media, or advertisements. Advanced B2B marketing automation products are also offered in product combinations designed to meet a brand's specific needs, effectively assisting enterprises with digital transformation.

Marketing Cloud Products


Email, Mobile, Web Marketing

Each customer is provided with comprehensively personalized and automated e-mail, mobile device, and internet user experiences.

E-mail Marketing

Mobile Device Marketing

Campaign Management

Personalized Content Generation Tools

Data and Analysis

Marketing Automation and Creating a Customer Journey


Social Marketing & Advertising

Social media listening, interaction, posts, and analysis are integrated in CRM to optimize media and customer group management.

Social Media Listening and Analysis

Content Marketing

Social Media Management and Social Caring

Customer Group Management and Segmentation

Media Campaign Management and Optimization

Interfacing with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads


B2B Marketing Automation

Establishing automated lead generation and growth plans to maximize the benefits of each lead throughout their lifespan.

Lead Generation

Lead Criteria

Lead Cultivation

Lead Tracking

Enhanced marketing/sales collaboration

Opportunity grading and ROI reports


Audience Studio (DMP)

Audience Studio DMP integrates third party data analysis to create personalized marketing experiences.

Optimized Media Buying

Third Party Data Integration

Similar Target Audience Models

Enhanced Target Audience Segmenting and Analysis

Cross-device Personalized Ads

Cross-channel Real-time Data Tracking

Achieving high performance marketing automation processes through the customer journey

Large-scale Personalization of Marketing E-mails

Creating and managing all types of e-mail campaigns using CRM and other data to build highly scalable personalized content and marketing automation operations as well as increase the ratio of interaction.

Guiding Exceptional Social Media Experiences

Closely linking the 4 major aspects of "social media, marketing, sales, and services" by listening, participating, posting, and analyzing big data from over a billion sources through automated social media work processes.

Correctly Predicting Internet Content

Creating landing pages and track visitor behavior to provide personalized web content and trigger e-mails in real-time, thereby effectively increasing conversion rate, click-through rate, and order value.

Interacting through Mobile Messaging Functionality

Utilizing messages, multimedia messages, push notifications, and group messaging to reach out to customers at any time. Spanning multiple channels from e-mail, social media, and mobile devices to expand your digital marketing strategy.

Managing Outstanding Ads

Appropriately managing ad campaigns through the use of existing customer data. Effectively improving new customer acquisition, regaining inactive customers, and unifying advertisements for all marketing channels.

Creating Cross-channel Interactive Journeys

Creating one-on-one customer interaction journeys through e-mail, mobile devices, social media, advertisements, and the internet by linking experiences at all contact points including marketing, sales, and services.

The Most Comprehensive Marketing Cloud Service

Marketing Cloud

Wavenet Technology is an official Salesforce Partner that offers a comprehensive ecosystem and Marketing Cloud services. Our professional CirCloud team assists clients with initial assessment, buying, implementation, extension, inquiry, and other marketing consulting services based on many years of marketing and professional advertising experience. We can accurately identify customer demand and utilize Marketing Cloud to help clients establish a solid marketing foundation, increase sales, facilitate enterprise growth, and ensure sustainable operations.