Salesforce CRM

"Customer service management" is an indispensable factor of success for a leading corporation as well as an intriguing science.
When a corporation understands its own needs, selecting and applying the right CRM tool can help it to drive data-oriented revenue growth and achieve sustainable operation goals.

Apply CRM and achieve significant results

Salesforce clients that utilize CRM can achieve significant results such as increasing sales revenue by 37%, customer satisfaction by 45%, and marketing ROI by 43%.

Business sales

Customer satisfaction

Salesforce CRM

Marketing ROI

Salesforce CRM
Salesforce CRM
Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is committed to providing a better CRM

Salesforce sales cloud

Sales Cloud

Business oriented

Highly expandable cloud CRM allows diverse data integration to achieve a 360 degree grasp of customer profiles. Business owners gain full control of end-to-end sales processes from identifying opportunities to closing orders for effective management of sales targets and earnings predictions, while automated marketing processes increase transaction speed.

Customer and contact management

Price quote and order module

Business opportunity excavation and team sales

Marketing campaign tracking and management

Customizable data analysis dashboard

Extended functionality and automated processes

Salesforce service cloud

Service Cloud

Customer oriented

Improve products and services through comprehensive customer data and powerful synchronization, stay in real-time control of customer progress through Omni-Channel, collect customer feedback, and offer customers swift access to customer service to provide quick solutions both online and offline.


Advanced case management

Customer service provided through social media platforms

Advanced teamwork functionality

Call script and knowledge-based setting

Automatic assignment of customer inquiries to service staff

Development environment for extended application services

The highly efficient Salesforce CRM brings massive help to corporations

View statuses of sound transactions at a glance

Create customized reports with simple drag-and-drop functions to track sales channels, key transactions, sales performance, real-time observation analysis, and update information. Built-in AI assists you in making smarter decisions.

Access all customer data through a single platform

Forget about stacks of post-its or spreadsheets and view customer data from all angles in the cloud. Teams can use Salesforce to track campaigns, social media information, key contacts, and all interactive processes.

Process automation - accelerate and enhance sales productivity

Automate e-mail warnings, task assignments, and approving discounted transactions to increase employee productivity and help them focus on sales; obtain smart notifications and recommendations to automate transaction processes.

Integrate all demands - further upgraded customer service

Centralize all customer questions from e-mail, social media, telephone, and online chat for management in an easy-to-use center console and assign tasks to the appropriate customer service staff.

The Most Comprehensive Marketing Cloud Service

Marketing Cloud

Wavenet Technology is an official Salesforce Partner that offers a comprehensive ecosystem and Marketing Cloud services. Our professional CirCloud team assists clients with initial assessment, buying, implementation, extension, inquiry, and other marketing consulting services based on many years of marketing and professional advertising experience. We can accurately identify customer demand and utilize Marketing Cloud to help clients establish a solid marketing foundation, increase sales, facilitate enterprise growth, and ensure sustainable operations.