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MarTech assists brands by optimizing membership management and delving into the core of businesses so that teams can focus on high-value and efficient marketing tasks that bring the greatest benefit. Wavenet Technology provides highly flexible and customizable enterprise solutions and is also certified as an official partner of both Oracle and Salesforce.

Why Do We Need MarTech

Customer 360

Customer 360

Grasp a 360 perspective of the client and provide accurate and real-time product services 

Omni Channel

Omni Channel

Integrate tools and data sources from all channels to build a personalized client journey

數據驅動、AI 賦能

AI-Powered & Automation

Enhance marketing efficiency with data driven, AI-powered automation tools

Smart CRM - A Lightweight CDP Product Created for Enterprises

Smart CRM

Omni Channel - Data Source Integration from All Channels

Smart CRM is based on cloud databases by Oracle and greatly reduces the time and cost of integrating different data sources by utilizing built-in interfacing with platforms such as Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, Google, and AWS. The product can interface with both online and offline data such as ERP, CRM, customer service, POS, LINE/Messenger Chatbots, membership loyalty programs, point systems, marketing automation, DMP, and advertising reports.

Customer 360 - Smart Data Captures a 3D Perspective of Clients

Marketing and communication channels of brands are ranked based on priority to gradually implement the systems, platforms, and data required for organizing data in Smart CRM. Oracle's real-time report monitoring and analysis further applies machine learning to create exclusive data analysis and prediction models as well as visual data dashboards. Marketing and sales can monitor data analysis and set strategies without the need for assistance from IT staff.

As the issue of digital transformation continues to trend, MarTech tools offer enterprises flexibility based on their actual requirements

In the face of complicated distribution channels and fragmented customer behavior, both B2B and B2C enterprises have begun to turn to MarTech Solutions. The first step of digital transformation is comprehensive collection and analysis of first party data to truly convert “customers into corporate assets” that are no longer tied to sales representatives. The MarTech team at Wavenet assists clients by evaluating current technology conditions and designing customized solutions based on the perspectives of marketing and operations. Additionally, we act as a bridge of communication between technology and marketing teams to shorten transition periods. Based on client requirements, we also provide associated services such as marketing strategy, advertising, and e-commerce operations.

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