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Data Management Platform

The Data Management Platform (DMP) effectively integrates diversified data from different channels and sources (including all first and third party cookies, e-mail, and keywords) for user analysis and further application. Integrated online/offline data is analyzed to assess marketing performance for adjusting and optimizing future campaigns through system tools such as DSP/SSP.




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Online and Offline User Integration - Collecting Data and Descriptive Profiles from Diverse Channels

The DMP offers effective management for continuously expanding membership data. When paired with other solutions, it completes the Marketing Cloud ecosystem and creates a sustainable data value chain that achieves brand advantages in smart commerce.

Continuously Expand Similar TAs - Use Known TA Profiles to Excavate Valuable Leads from Third Party Data

One of the keys to increasing a brand's market competitiveness is a continuous flow of new customers to effectively expand market share and achieve a brand's commercial goals. In addition to managing first party data, DMP includes a massive amount of built-in third party data that can effectively compare similar leads and continuously expand your TA.

Collect Customer Behavior Trajectories - Track User Paths and Directly Import as First Party Data

Generally, user tracking data collected from large advertising media platforms cannot be freely accessed and used by enterprises. DMP allows free data access by enabling direct tracking of user behavior paths for import to your own management backend; additionally, enterprises can use DMP to directly advertise using collected cookie data.

Monetizing the Data You Acquire

According to a 2018 Nielsen report, 63% of CMOs believe that DMP is one of the 3 major indicator technologies, reflecting their need to easily collect and integrate customer data. In the era of big data, the mass amounts of data collected daily represent assets that allow enterprises to contend with future trends. "Possession", however, is insufficient for reflecting the value of data, which must be "managed" and "appropriately used" to be effective. DMPs represent the first step for brands in establishing their data-based kingdoms.

How DMPs Assist Enterprises

STEP 1 - Data in

Collect data from multiple sources onto one platform

Including first, second, and third party data, data from different sources such as web pages, videos, mobile devices, offline, known or unknown data, and structured or unstructured data…etc.

Step 2 - Define

Analyze TA, establish similar models

Utilize first party data and more than 400 types of third party data to analyze your TA and personalize messages accordingly Identifying highly interactive customer profiles and establishing similar TA models can assist you in reaching additional ideal customers who are highly interactive.

STEP 3 - Data out

Push TA data to existing ad platforms

Use established TA models to identify similar TA and push to existing ad platforms, thereby continuously converting potential leads to customers and expanding traffic.

What kinds of data are available?

First Data
Second Party Data
Third Party Data

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