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We are specialists in Mass Communications, we offer the best in Media Services, Digital Solutions, Events & Activation and Creative Content. We strive to create meaningful consumer experiences while going the extra mile for your brand!If you are looking for an agency that thinks, and what you need are people who can deliver great strategies to engage with your intended audience, look no further. We could be your next agency.

我们是大众传播领域的专家,我们提供最佳的媒体服务,数字解决方案,活动和激活以及创意内容。我们努力创造有意义的消费者体验,同时为您的品牌加倍努力!如果您正在寻找一家会思考的代理商,并且您需要的是能够提供与目标受众互動的出色策略之营销人员,别再犹豫了。 我们可以成为您的下一个代理商。







Founded at the tail-end of 1997, Singnan Communications started as a specialized advertising agency focused on creative and media. Since then, we have established ourselves as a growing agency providing not only advertising services, but also event management and development services. Today, we work for many big clients and we’ve been honored to work on growing that brand equity here in this region. Joining the strong team of Wavenet Technology in 2020, in addition to media buying, we also provide complete digital marketing solutions, from advertising, e-commerce, marketing strategies to marketing technology (MarTech), to help brands improve accuracy and efficiency.

Singnan Communications 成立于1997年底,最初是一家专注于创意和媒体的专业广告公司。 从那时起,我们已成为一家成长中的代理商,不仅提供广告服务,还提供活动管理和开发服务。 今天,我们为许多大客户服务,我们很荣幸能够在该地区扩大品牌资产。2020年加入潮网科技的坚强团队,除了媒体代理,我们也提供完整的数位行销解决方案,从广告投放、电商、营销策略到行销科技(MarTech),帮助品牌提升精准度与效益。

Our Strength

策略規劃 Strategic Planning
社群媒體 Social Media
Strong Networking
創意思路 Creative Ideation
行銷洞察 Marketing Insight
成本效益 Cost Efficiency

Our Services

We offer one-stop marketing solutions for your brand's shout-out.



We believe in meaningful experiences for all our clients, partners and audiences. We are an extension of your marketing arm. You can expect new ideas from people who think differently. We offer a comprehensive suite of services which provides as much support as possible, because the greatest ideas remain just ideas until its implemented.

我们相信为所有客户,合作伙伴和受众提供有意义的经验。 我们是您营销部门的延伸。 您可以从不同想法的人那里获得新想法。 我们提供了一套全面的服务,它会提供尽可能多的支持,因为最伟大的想法在实现之前始终只是想法。

Media Management

Digital & Social Media


Advertising Communications

Sponsorship Marketing

Digital Transformation

Event Management


Marketing Technology (MarTech)

Professional digital marketing strategy



In addition to advertisements on TV, radio, magazines, etc., we also focus on digital media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter, wechat, LinkedIn, Criteo, theTradeDesk, etc., to help customers to distribute brand and shopping information to consumers precisely through social marketing and digital ads, and rapidly expand brand awareness and promote business growth.

作为媒体专家,除了电视、广播、杂志等广告,我们也专注于数位媒体,像是 Facebook、Instagram、Google、YouTube、Yahoo、Twitter、wechat、LinkedIn、Criteo、theTradeDesk 等等,帮助客户透过社群行销与数位广告,来精准放送品牌及购物资讯给消费者,迅速扩张品牌知名度并促使业务增长。

Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, theTradeDesk, LINE, WeChat, Webo, VK

Influence Is Persuasion In Slow Motion. How?

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