With PUNWAVE AI and big data analytics at the core, we developed the [PUNWAVE ATD Smart Cross-Media Buying Technology] for integration with ad platforms such as Facebook, Google, and PUNWAVE DSP. The platform offers 3 major real-time functions such as cross-media budget allocation, 24-hour optimization, and cross-media tracking for increasing performance through precision marketing, thereby providing advertisers and enterprise clients with a one-stop solution.





Today’s consumers are fragmented and changeful in behavior. Traditional media buying methods such as manual analysis and fixed budget allocation can no longer address the rapidly changing market. Brands and enterprises are faced with increasing marketing costs and stagnating ad performance.

Wavenet Technology developed [PUNWAVE] to quickly collect mass amounts of data for machine learning algorithms to analyze and rapidly accumulate experience in ad optimization. The platform aims to assist clients with the 6 major goals of cross-media buying, real-time monitoring, precision marketing, integrated predictions, constructive analysis, and sustainable optimization.


PUNWAVE’s Core Technologies

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

  • Multi-faceted analysis is performed on big data held in databases to extract potentially useful user behavior for converting into useful data.
  • Website browsing and usage behaviors are collected as data, which are then analyzed to identify user characteristics and types.
  • Unsupervised learning is utilized in advertising decision-making by performing group analysis on an ad platform’s history. Target Audience behavior models are simulated and predicted based on the characteristics and properties of sample diversity.
  • As sample data updates and increases, different models and advertising strategies will be utilized by using an algorithm to identify high click-through rates with low exposure costs.
  • Supervised learning is utilized in real-time advertising decision-making that allows advertisers and Wavenet Technology to use tracking codes and obtain user behavior for categorization and tagging.


Smart Cross-Media Buying Technology

3 Major Functionalities of Advertising, Monitoring, and Optimization

Interfacing with Raw Data・One-stop Display of Cross-platform Ad Performance

Budget is allocated in real-time across platforms such as Facebook, Google, and PUNWAVE DSP based on performance

Uninterrupted 24-hour real-time automated ad optimization

Integration with Wavenet Technology’s DSP for diversified traffic at discounted costs



Real-time Bidding Technology

Similar to a stock market, multiple advertisers and agencies (publication demand) participate in bidding to purchase ad slots on Ad Exchange Platforms; the highest bidder receives the opportunity to display their ad.

RTB completes bidding within milliseconds (prior to a website or app being seen or opened by the user), obtain your ideal ad exposure technology!


Data Management Platform

Wavenet Technology’s PUNWAVE DMP utilizes tracking technology to record user behavior and their digital footprint (first party data) which is tagged and saved. This data acts as a strong foundation for PUNWAVE AI retargeting or enhancing advertising precision.


Accurate Target Audience Lock-on, Cross-screen and Cross-platform

Cross-Screen/ Cross-Platform

Use ads to lock-on to the TA’s location, time, behavior, interests, and content requirements. Determine whether behavior on different devices, supplier platform sources, and media are from the same user and increase the accuracy of cross-screen Target Audience targeting.

PUNWAVE  Retargeting


Retarget existing customers or TAs who have visited various networks to effectively save 30% of your advertising budget, increase conversion rate, and enhance ROI.

The behavior profiles of website visitors are used to simulate similar Target Audience for discovering new leads with potential and expand accurate targeting of Target Audience.

Retargeting Tracking Code

PUNWAVE supports tracking of 9 browsing behaviors

  • Webpage view count
  • Search count
  • Add to cart
  • Add to wishlist
  • Begin checkout
  • Add new payment details
  • Purchase
  • Leads (e.g. form submission, trial registration, viewing of pricing page)
  • Complete registration (e.g. complete subscription, service registration)