Google encompasses services such as internet search, cloud computing, and advertising with over 1 billion users across their 6 major products including Youtube, Android, and Google Search. Google Ads includes a display network and multimedia ad display network. The latter covers more than 3 million websites and can reach more than 95% of all internet users. Google's massive user base offers the advantage of text, image, or video ads that can be exposed to Target Audience when they use search, browse websites, or use applications.

Google Features

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Global volume of 100 billion searches each month
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of Google Search is viewed on mobile devices
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unique monthly visitors (approx.) visit Google websites each month

Powerful Partner DoubleClick

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) links over 40 global ad exchange platforms that span desktops, tablets, mobile web pages, and app display networks. Exposure can reach as high as 144 billion in a single day, displaying ads when consumers search for specific products, services, or read relevant articles and websites. DoubleClick provides a real-time exchange market and instant bidding functionality to enhance the advertising advantage of Google AdWords and create limitless opportunities by reaching more of your target audience.

How Google Ads work

How Google Ads work

Types of Google Ads and their Benefits

Increase brand popularity

Use Google Display Network to expose products to a broader audience on popular websites!

Promote your brand through creative videos on YouTube!

Enable customers to find you immediately

Google Search Network enables customers interested in your company’s products and services to find you immediately!

Expose the YouTube audience to your channel content

YouTube video ads exposes your video to more users!

Promote your app and increase its number of uses!

Use Google Mobile Ads to promote and increase app downloads!