Facebook boasts 1.94 billion monthly active users globally and 1.74 billion mobile users, making it one of the most commercially valuable social media platforms. Media performance is highly active with 1.28 billion daily active users, allowing Facebook to maintain its position as the world's largest social media platform. As the demand for digital advertising continues to grow, more and more advertisers are allocating a mobile advertising budget, shedding light on the importance of social media advertising.

Facebook Features

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Powerful partner・Instagram

In 2017, Instagram officially surpassed 700 million users with nearly 80% belonging in the 18-34 age group who have a habit of sharing images of their lifestyle and quickly browsing. Images speak louder than words and can leave a deep impression almost instantly. Advertisers can use visual elements to build captivating brand stories and gain approval, thereby penetrating younger markets and revitalizing a brand.

How Facebook Ads Work

How Facebook work

Types of Facebook Ads and their Benefits

Increase website traffic through optimal website promotion

Drive traffic to a website with click-through ads!

Promote an event or let fans discuss with more fervor

Interactive advertising through posts to energize fan pages!

Video ads to maximize views for videos!

Expand fan groups and drive increased attention

Press like for ads to bring new fans to your fan page!

Obtain lists of users with interest in products/services and engage your TA to purchase products

Website conversion ads, find the most accurate TA to purchase products!

Lead ads, keep data of potential leads for subsequent tracking!