PUNWAVE Nautilus

As the demand for advertising surges, the PUNWAVE Nautilus Reporting System can effectively reduce burden on media staff and reduce time consuming report production tasks by nearly 2/3, increasing efficiency while expanding the amount of business that can be undertaken. Currently used by large e-commerce brands and advertising/media agents to speed up report production and greatly increase the efficiency of advertising operations.

3 Major Advantages of the Nautilus Reporting System

Nautilus 優勢_跨平台整合

Cross-platform Integration

Under the technical structure of PUNWAVE, the Nautilus Reporting System inherits a cross-media advantage that enables marketing staff to directly access report records from Google and Facebook.

Nautilus 優勢_客製化報表

Cross-platform Integration

Combine different ads onto the same report and compare different segments based on Target Audience conditions. Simple operation and one-click export generates customized reports.

Nautilus 優勢_達成更多業績

Achieve Higher Sales

The Nautilus Reporting System can reduce time consuming report generation and prevent the risk of errors from manual editing, greatly enhance team efficiency, and expand business that can be undertaken.

Optimal tool for seasoned digital advertising analysts and account managers

Users can select English or Chinese through PUNWAVE Nautilus’ dual language interface.

View data and select any combination of ads from multiple advertising accounts at any time.

Synchronize with Facebook, Google, and automatically capture ad covers

The notification function reminds users when reports are ready for download through the cloud at any place or time.

Account authorization levels allows independent management of users and report editing.

Set the frequency of report generation and manage multiple subscribers to satisfy the various requirements of advertisers.

Why You Need PUNWAVE Nautilus

Media Advertising Agent

PUNWAVE Nautilus Reporting System prevents media staff from making any errors when generating reports from hundreds or thousands of ad accounts. The system is optimal for automatically generating complicated reports and satisfies various client reporting formats as well as frequency, enabling smoother communication between sales and clients.

Major e-commerce Brands

Nautilus’ cross-platform structure can handle all types of advertising campaigns and assist marketing teams with viewing campaigns through new perspectives and ad combinations. All advertising data is fully presented more intuitively with enhanced simplicity for higher performance so that marketing teams can focus on more valuable work.